Bulk - Soil, Mulch, and Stone

How to order:                        

Add to cart with the number of cubic yards, pounds, or pieces. 

To be eligible for delivery:                                 

- You must order a minimum of $150 worth of materials if ordering items that come per piece or per pound.

- You must order a minimum of 3 cubic yards if ordering mulches or soils. 

- Please note that we cannot combine products in the same delivery truck. If ordering a variety of items, this will require multiple deliveries.  

- AT CHECKOUT, "SHIPPING" SHOULD COST $45 PER DELIVERY (considered more than one delivery for multiple bulk items that cannot be combined in one truck).

- At checkout, please include in the special instructions your address and where you would like the product delivered, for example "under the basketball hoop" or "left side of driveway." We cannot dump products on sidewalks or in the street. Our trucks must stay on your driveway. 

- We are able to deliver to Ann Arbor and Saline from online orders. Please call 734-663-7600 ext. 3 for delivery details if you live outside of Ann Arbor and Saline. 

- Orders will be delivered within 24-48 hours after purchase. 

Call 734-663-7600 ext. 3 if you have questions.

Thank you for your business!

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